New Game App Coming Soon!!!

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New Game App!!!

 I’m sure you’re wondering;

    Doesn’t this new app have a name?

     The answer is NO, not yet 🙂




Because it is a long process to choose a name for your App. Since Indie game producers do not have those thousands of dollars or euros to spend on marketing. You need to plan carefully the name of the App. The key for this is the ASO App Search Optimization, which is the same thing as blogger do the SEO Search Engine Optimization. The trick is you as a producer, need to find the best key words and name for your App so it can rank high on the stores.

               For example:

ASO is an art, it takes lots of research and planning and it doesn’t end up only with the key words, you need to take care of your game icon the screen shots and the video if you ever make one, I Advise you should. And all these are different from store to store “Google Play, Amazon Apps and Apple’s App store”.

                  Where do you learn all these


To tell you the truth I passed through long process of reading and researching all over but now I can advise you. Do not waste time!!! I found the perfect course that takes you step by step to take every necessary action to find the best key words and how to use them in each available store. Also gives you all the details on how to make your icons, screen shots and also the videos. The best thing in this course is that everything is covered in about two hours or so.

                  Click on the image below, I’m telling you it will help you a lot.

                  Hey!!! What about the New Game App???

As you can see in the screen shots it is a music instrument game for kids but not only. I have made the sounds very carefully and realistic and for the first time my CUCUVAYA “owl” is present in the game. One more thing that will be different in this game is the ads; for the first time I will use Chartboost instead of Admob, I decided to use Chartboost because it has only game ads, with Admob you get all kinds of ads, pizza, life insurance and much more 🙁

                  Last but not least!!!

                  What software do you need to know to make these games?

I have to tell you I’m in love with Gamesalad, if you’re into 2D games, with Gamesalad in two days maximum your prototype will be ready, and you don’t need to know any programming it is a drag and drop system, then you have to spend some time on the graphics “the famous Photoshop” I also use Anime Studio for vector graphics and for sounds and music my preferable software is Ableton live.


Now, I have a special present for you!!!

Start learning how to produce games with the best prices.

Click the image below


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